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About Us


Founded in 1972, SanPar is one of the leading sheet metal parts manufacturing companies serving many domestic and international sectors.

Specialized in the production of sheet metal parts, our company does production according to customer requirements and standards, meeting the quality expectations, using agile production techniques.

The Philosophy of our company having the quality certificate of ISO 9001:2015

  • Based on the principle of ON TIME DELIVERY.

Our Vision

Keeping the customer focus at the highest level with its products and services in international quality standards in the sectors we operate; to maintain being a reputable, reliable and preferred brand.

Our Mission

To grow as an investor by carrying the experience we have gained since 1972 to different business areas including important projects providing social and economic benefits. To serve with the use of modern technology, expert human resources and corporate quality understanding created within the framework of knowledge by applying the investment policy shaped on the basis of being a pioneer and creating difference. To act with the awareness that profitability passes through quality in the long term; contributing to the development of the economy of the sectors in which it operates in all circumstances; to ensure its sustainability as a trusted company in all aspects.

Our Quality Policy

In accordance with vision and mission of SANPAR KALIPÇILIK;

  • To become a solution partner for our target customer audience, to ensure the continuity of our relationships and increase customer loyalty
  • Reduce costs and prevent customer complaints by fulfilling the requirements of today's quality, efficiency and on-time delivery at every stage
  • To comply with all laws and standards of quality, safety and performance requirements in each country where we provide our products and services
  • To maximize, develop and maintain customer satisfaction by providing the products requested by our customers in the highest quality and time
  • In line with continuous improvement in production and service (Kaizen) and development approach based on data work, to simplify, improve, develop and review our processes
  • In order to increase efficiency in all our activities, we work to eliminate non-conformities and to minimize non-value added works
  • To create a working environment in which our employees can develop their potential and skills and develop themselves by increasing their individual contribution knowledge and skills through continuous training
  • To continuously increase the success of our company with the common participation of our employees and always aim to perfection
  • Making product reliability and performance sustainable
  • Using our resources efficiently and actively
  • To make all our employees aware of quality and environmental issues and to make the experiences provided in this way into company memory

Our Environment Policy

  • Complying with approved international legal regulations, national laws / legislations and other obligations related to the environment
  • Organizing training activities to raise awareness of employees, suppliers and subcontractors on environmental protection
  • Ensuring the implementation, supervision, continuous improvement, development and maintenance of the Environmental Management System
  • Using energy, water and natural resources in the most efficient manner
  • Continuously improve environmental performance
  • To prevent environmental pollution
  • Efforts for effective waste management, waste reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery
  • Use appropriate technology and products to control and minimize potential impacts on the environment
  • To apply clean production technologies in our investments with the aim of sustainable development
  • Considering the environmental factor in the evaluation of new products
  • Creating and developing environmental consciousness

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • Complying with legal regulations and conditions
  • Organizing training events for employees, suppliers and subcontractors to effectively implement occupational health and safety practices
  • Identify, evaluate, review, control and effectively manage our risks
  • To make working environments safe and healthy
  • Establishing a structure that can respond quickly to disasters and emergencies
  • To ensure that our employees own a sustainable 'safety culture'
  • To act with the target of zero occupational accident
  • Continuously supervising the system and activities and keeping them open for inspection by related parties
  • Acting with the awareness of human health and safety first

Our HR Policy

  • Ensuring the recruitment of competent and qualified people who can serve our goals by making the right human resources planning
  • To increase the talent, competence, efficiency and individual development of the company's employees and to ensure their continuity
  • To provide fair and equal opportunities for the company's employees
  • To work to ensure joint participation of employees
  • To provide a comfortable and safe work environment appropriate to the nature of the business
  • Acting with the principle of right person to the right job
  • Planning the career of staff
  • Institutionalization of knowledge
  • Ensuring continuity of institutional learning and improvement
  • Ensuring the identification and effective use of responsibilities and powers
  • Increasing the motivation of our employees, strengthening internal communication through organizations that provide integrity and interaction with social and cultural activities
  • Ensuring to extend the priority of human values and employee resources within the corporate culture
  • Determining the performance of employees
  • To ensure that our employees use all their potential in the most efficient way with new working models and suitable work environments
  • To support and reward individual and team works in order to direct our employees to success and increase their participation
  • Taking the necessary precautions for working in a safe work environment by considering occupational health and safety laws and regulations
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